Schedule Your Event with Parks

Thank you for choosing one of our parks and or facilities for your special event! 

We are happy to be a part of your event.  Here is the process you need to follow:

  1. Download and fill out one of the forms below.
  2. Once you have read and filled out the required information, take your form to the Parks and Recreation office located at (DRC) 1338  E. 8th Street.  
  3. City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation staff will let you know if any other documentation is needed.

*Be sure to also bring the application fee and any other documentation required (proof of insurance, site plan, etc.).   


·Sec. 74-4. Permit required for reservations or usage by group or organization.

A permit from the parks-recreation division shall be required for the reservation of any park or park facility or for usage by any agency, business, team, or other organization of ten people or more. (Ord. No. 898-AA-2000, § 1(24-19), 8-22-2000)

This Agreement applies to ALL SPECIAL ACTIVITIES, that will take place in any PUBLIC PARK, RECREATION AREA, PICNIC AREA and/or any Area that is maintained by the Department of Parks & Recreation of the City of Brownsville for public use.

The named sponsoring person, group and/or organization shall be required to post a damage deposit bond, where applicable, of not more than $1,000,000.00 and provide evidence of Insurance (Spectator/Public Liability) where the City of Brownsville is held harmless in case of such accidents that may result in either bodily harm or property damage or both. The sponsor must also provide the necessary security as determined by the Department of Parks & Recreation and include litter removal from site of the SPECIAL ACTIVITY.

· Special Events Planning Guide (in conjunction with)

To conduct a special event at a City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Facility, this application must be filled out completely and returned to the Parks and Recreation Department Office, which is located at 1338 E. 8th street. The following Special Events Planning Guide was developed to assist you, the event organizer, through this permit and process. As the event organizer, it is your responsibility to ensure that event participants are provided with a safe and enjoyable event. It is our goal to assist you in planning a safe and successful event.



As the event organizer, it is your responsibility to research appropriate dates for your event. The Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department encourages you to check the event schedules of the large annual events. It is also your responsibility as the event organizer to reserve the appropriate site. Submission of this Special Events packet, paying the holding fee or damage deposit or hosting the event during the previous year does not guarantee your event the use of the park or facilities.



If you are organizing a new event, your event request will require approval from the Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department Director. You are required to submit a one-page narrative along with the attached application. This narrative will be reviewed by the Parks & Recreation Director. It is imperative that you plan your event far enough in advance to have time to obtain approval. Proposals submitted less than 90 days prior to your event may not be approved.



If the plans of your event differ significantly from the previous year’s event, your event may require the Department Director’s approval. Examples of changes that require prior approval are: expansion of venue, gated admission, selling beer or alcoholic beverages, additional stages or structures, and increased anticipated attendance. It is your responsibility as the event organizer to allow for appropriate planning time to secure the Department Director’s approval as well as any additional permits. All Special Events will need to submit the special event packet application in order for the event to be given approval.


For further information, please download the Special Events Planning Guide and Special Events Application please submit at least 90 days in advance for our very best assistance to you.

· Special Events Application

The Parks and Recreation Department has established user fees for use of City parks and facilities. Please contact the site facility for the updated user rates, holding fees, deposit requirements and cancellation fees. All special events, for-profit and non-profit alike, are required to pay all of the fees associated with conducting a special event. The Parks and Recreation Department does not and cannot honor request of waived fees for any portion of your event costs. Co-sponsorship is with Parks and Recreation Department Director approval only. No individual, group, or organization shall be granted permission to hold an event in the park if there is any unpaid balance from a previous event.

Cancellation of any event, for any reason, shall result in charges for actual services, labor and materials provided.

If you need assistance in determining the fees for your particular event, contact the site or the Parks and Recreation Department (956) 542-2064.

Electrical availability may vary by location. You may need to provide generators in order to supply the level of service required for your event.

Your event will not be approved until the Parks and Recreation Director has reviewed your event pack including all plans listed below if the event requires it. Including a letter from City Manager for those events that intend to sale or provide alcohol. Please submit complete detailed packet at least 90 days prior to the event in order to expedite the approval process, packets that are incomplete may not be considered.