Purchasing & Contracts FAQs

1. When I download the specifications file and I open the file, I get a message box telling me that I need something called Adobe Acrobat Reader, what is that?
The specifications that are posted on this website are provided in the latest version of the Acrobat file format as released by Adobe. If Acrobat doesn't load when you download the file and open it then you probably don't have the Acrobat Reader software installed. No bid specification will be provided in any other format online. To download or for technical support visit the Adobe download website.

2. How can I get an issue's hard copy of a bid?
All bids are available from the Purchasing Department located in downtown Brownsville at Market Square, first floor. Bids are posted online but are not the legal issued copies provided at the Purchasing Department Office.

3. Am I required to register to download bid specifications?
Registration is required to download bid specifications. This requirement is for your protection. Many times before bids are due an addendum or change in the specifications is released. Acknowledging that you have received or downloaded the bid, proposal or statement of qualification will be the only way we will know who has an incomplete or inaccurate set of specifications.
If you register and an addendum is issued, you will be notified of the release of the addendum. Be warned, failure to submit any released addendums with your bid may result in the bid being rejected.

4. Can anyone bid? If so, how do I start?
Yes, anyone can bid that meets the minimum vendor specifications. Simply download the bid specification which include the vendor forms, print them out, fill them out and return them to the Purchasing Department of the City of Brownsville by the date and time due. All bids should be addressed to: 
Purchasing Department
Mr. Roberto C. Luna, Purchasing Director
City Hall
1001 E Elizabeth Street, 1st Floor, Room No. 101
Box 911
Brownsville, TX 78520

A proposal guarantee may be required in the form of a proposal bond for 5% of the amount of the proposal, according to the statutory requirements and specifications. Specifications will indicate the method of payment of the contract and type of pricing, either lump sum or unit. Proposals must conform to the specifications or they may be rejected. Proposals will not be returned. The City of Brownsville reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, all rights reserved.