1. 2017 Adopted Budget

    Read through the City of Brownsville Annual Budget and how it will raise more revenue from property taxes.

  2. Board Appointment Policy

    To encourage qualified individuals to serve on city boards, to increase the information available to the public regarding service on city boards, to make the commission aware of qualified individuals who may be willing to serve on city boards.

  3. Eating Well in Brownsville

    This website is dedicated to providing options for Healthy eating for the residents of Brownsville, Texas. As part of the "Brownsville Biggest Loser Challenge" and in conjunction with the "Brownsville Farmers' Market" check here for healthy recipes, food links, and announcements.

  4. West Nile Virus Information

    The City of Brownsville Public Health Department received confirmation that one local mosquito trap sample has tested positive for the West Nile Virus.